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This Custom Building Products Aluminium Tile Trim ( Also name wall tile) creates a smooth transition between tile and another flooring surface of the same height like wood or carpet. Aluminum Tile Trim profile creates an attractive finished edge while protecting your tile from chipping. Manufactured from premium anodized aluminum, this profile features the integrated Straight Edge Grout Line which makes installation faster and eliminates the need for spacers between the trim and the tile.

Material & Temper: Alloy & 6063-T5
Finishes: Mill Finished, Anodizing, Powder Coating, Electrophoresis, Wood Grain, Polishing
Thickness: 0.4mm and above, or Customized
Application: Building, Construction and Decoration
Colour: Silver, Champagne, Bronze, Golden, Black, Ral Code, Customized
Lead time: 20-25 days, extra 10 days for mould production.
MOQ: 500 KGs per model


Aluminium Tile Trim Aluminium Tile Trim Manufacturer


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