European PVC Plastic Profiles

COYO Aluminium -- Top 5 Aluminium Profile and Aluminum extrusion profiles Manufacturer in China

Formular: Lead Free PVC
Style: European Style
OEM: OEM Available
Finishes: Painting, Double Color, Color Laminating, Natural
Thinkness: 1.8mm to 2.5mm
Application: Building, Construction and Decoration
Colour: White, Brown, Wooden Gain, etc and Customized
Length: Customized
MOQ: 5 tons per order

1) 75 Three-Tracks Sliding Series PVC Profiles

75 Three-Tracks Sliding Series PVC Profiles

2) 60 Series PVC Profiles

60 Series European PVC Profiles

3) 42 Series PVC Profiles

42 Series European PVC Profiles

4) XHU80 Series PVC Profiles

XHU80 Series European PVC Profiles

5) 88A Series PVC Profiles

88A Series European PVC Profiles


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